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Our values

Giving meaning to support

Our teams are at the heart of our project

Our teams are clearly the heart of our project. Because they are at the same time…

  • The essence of ARSILON’s excellent reputation in the sector
  • The foundation (“L’intuitu personae”) of our performance and customer relations.

They are the first bearers of a clearly identified value system that we seek to promote internally and with our clients.

Our values

Overarching view

The notion an overarching view is the primary value of PKF Arsilon’s consulting work. It is what allows us to plan far ahead for our customers as well as go beyond the role of mere manager.

This constant search for perspective reflects a desire to consider each subject in its entirety, a real capacity for projection and anticipation, as well as a general culture and knowledge capital linked to PKF Arsilon’s experience and the excellence of its teams.


In response to this search for an overarching view, we attach great importance to the idea of proximity.

Our culture of proximity is reflected in our local presence, our ability to simplify complex issues and our desire to create harmony between our teams and those of our clients.


Knowledge When we claim knowledge as a value proposition, we mean two concepts that we perceive as complementary and fundamental:

  • Sector expertise, the result of all the knowledge and reproducible skills acquired through study or experience.
  • The extended capacity to be “omniscient” linked to the unlocking of very specific related technical expertise within PKF Arsilon, its network and its various clients.


We consider the ability to listen a fundamental characteristic of the advisory capacity. If we rely on a strong capital of expertise and knowledge, it is our ability to listen to our customers and understand their environments that allows us to give birth to and energise the consulting relationship.

This value allows us to have a close connection with our clients and to entrepreneurs more broadly in order to establish a relationship of trust with each of them.

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Boldness is one of the primary qualities of the entrepreneur and one of the main requirements shared by PKF Arsilon and its clients. Boldness also refers to the proactive attitude of our teams, to the idea of going beyond the need expressed, and to our commitment alongside our customers in the entrepreneurial adventures they embark upon.


In response to this culture of boldness, we ensure that we rely on the notion of ethics for which PKF Arsilon is historically recognised in this market.

Beyond the fundamental notion of a moral code, ethics evokes a certain idea of benevolence by referring to the moral qualities of our teams and the human dimension of our activity, of which we are particularly proud.

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