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Local authorities: our support meets your challenges.

Local authorities: tailor-made support for public action

In a context of strong turbulence and constantly changing regulations, our experts support you in order to effectively manage your local authority.


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The transformations that mark this period should lead communities to redefine their objectives and bring out new modes of organization.

Florence Vasseur
Public Sector Partner – PKF Arsilon

Our answers

  • Reliability of financial information
  • Certification Preparation
  • Certification of accounts
  • Implementation of internal control procedures
  • Analysis and optimization of internal control
  • Consolidated declaration of non-financial performance
  • Budgeting
  • Development of the multi-year investment plan
  • Financial trajectory update
  • Financial equalization
  • Budgetary, financial and tax engineering
  • Prospective financial and tax analysis
  • Implementation of analytical accounting and management control tools
  • Cost reduction strategy
  • Dashboards and performance indicators
  • Evaluation of public policies
  • Optimization of the management of public services (choice of management mode)
  • Dynamic wealth management
  • Master plans and IS audit
  • Creation, dissolution and merging of structures
  • Transfer of skills
  • Territorial development strategy
  • Evaluation of public policies
  • Implementation of pooling schemes
  • Start of term audit
  • Organizational audit
  • Analysis of the financial health of your authority
  • Flash situation diagnosis (financial, HR, management, etc.)
  • Audit of assets and fixed assets

Expertise in the management of authorities satellites

As part of their actions, local authorities interact with many actors. As funders and stakeholders, authorities have an increased need for transparency and guarantees in terms of resource management and compliance with contracts made with these satellites.

Between financial, legal and operational risks, PKF Arsilon supports you in the diagnosis and strategic management of your satellites. We advise you to facilitate your decision-making in order to optimize the implementation of your public action

Your challenges

The evolution of the sector transforms your expectations:

  • Effectiveness and quality of public action
  • Territorial development strategy
  • Control of your budgets
  • Adaptation to a constantly changing legal context

Our expertise

Tailor-made support from our experts:

  • Flash diagnosis (Financial, HR, Management)
  • Performance management
  • Prospective financial and tax analysis
  • Risk Assessment…

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