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Between corporate utility and performance, a new model must be built!

Declining public subsidies, instability of financial resources, professionalisation of management methods, multiple regulatory constraints, measurement of social utility and the need for transparency are all challenges for the organisations you are responsible for.

From volunteer associations to foundations and endowment funds: PKF Arsilon helps you rethink your business model and face these challenges.

Support adapted to the specificities of each sector


Professionals from the voluntary sector to support you

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Humanitarian, tourism, medico-social… Our support is adapted to the specific challenges of each sector.

Francis Chartier PKF Arsilon
Francis Chartier
Volunteer Associations and Foundations Partner – NPOs – PKF Arsilon

Your challenges

A sector in constant change and facing numerous developments

The financial professionalisation of volunteer associations

Non-profit organisations are subject to ever-increasing demands for transparency. Unfortunately, not all of them have sufficient resources and/or the skills to allow them to produce reliable financial and accounting records.

Restructuring of volunteer associations

Search for savings, pooling of activities, improvement of the quality of care: these all lead associations to consider mergers and the restructuring of their scope of intervention and/or their assets. These are sometimes complex operations that require support in their implementation.

Managing risks to build trust

In a demanding and changing regulatory environment, the implementation of an evolving internal control approach is essential to maintain the confidence of partners, donors and funders.

Human resources management

Volunteers or employees are above all the people who make up the wealth of an association. Faced with the new societal, technological and regulatory challenges, human resources management must therefore be secure and managed.

Our comprehensive expertise is tailored to the specific challenges of each sector

We support non-profit leaders at every stage of their organisation’s life :

  • Support in major changes such as mergers, restructurings, partial contributions of assets, etc…
  • Definition/revision of the business model
  • Valuation of your social utility
  • Taxation with the income of the associative assets, rescript of sponsors donations…

    And more…

We carry out diagnostics to shed light on your association’s practices and motivate your decision-making :

  • Design, deployment and optimisation of internal control systems to limit the risk of fraud
  • Definition, documentation and evaluation of your risk management procedures
  • Review of your governance methods (roles, legal responsibility, delegation of power, etc.)
  • Analysis of your financial situation
  • Analysis of the social impact of your activities

We can help you find funding and grants. In order to secure the collection and use of these funds, we support you in the implementation of tools and procedures adapted to meet the requirements of state aid law :

  • Analysis of grants
  • Reporting requirements
  • Monitoring the use of funds

Our corporate and human resources management consulting services enable you to optimise your practices :

  • Regulations applicable to non-salaried staff of NPOs
  • Professionalisation of volunteers
  • Payroll management
  • Training in employment law
  • Securing HR processes (particularly in the context of mergers

We implement tailored solutions so that you can concentrate on your core social missions :

  • Total or partial outsourcing of your accounting
  • Adapted training for your accountants
  • Optimisation of your procedures
  • Implementation of management tools

Our audit approach takes into account the specificities of the regulatory context applicable to all non-profit organisations.

Our recognised level of expertise in the sector is an important measure of confidence for your funders.

Train your teams

Our experts can help you with 3 training programmes dedicated to the non-profit sector. Update your knowledge and that of your colleagues and decipher the new ANC regulation :

  • Training for managers of charitable associations
  • Training for charitable associations of all sectors
  • Training for the social and medical-social sector

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