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The extension of Agreements on Targets and Resources (CPOM), the transition to the Estimate of Revenue and Expenditure Statement (EPRD), as well as merger operations are forcing the associations in the sector to reorganise themselves.

From now on, the attention of the funders is focused on the efficient management of the bodies: as the managing body, you must both guarantee the quality of the care and ensure optimal use of the allocated funding.

CPOM, EPRD, the medico-social sector is undergoing a major transformation…


Professionals from the Social and Medical-Social sector to support you

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The changes in the sector should encourage you to redefine your objectives and develop new organisational methods.

Julien Dufrêne
Social & Medical-Social Partner – PKF Arsilon

Developments in the sector are creating new needs for managers :

  • Refined and forward-looking budget management
  • Enlightening and multi-year financial analysis
  • Refined expenditure management
  • Strengthening the internal control system
  • Development of information systems
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PKF Arsilon helps you to develop your business

We believe that the changes in the sector should encourage you to redefine your objectives and develop new organisational methods. This is why we organise several events each year for professionals in the sector: a “Social and Medical-Social” accounts closing ceremony organised in the different regions of France, training sessions on current or regulatory topics (EPRD, corporate law, specific accounting issues, financial analysis, etc.).

For 30 years, our experts have been supporting groups and associations of all sizes. This experience has enabled us to develop a wide range of skills.

Our responses

We are aware of the specific challenges of your sector and we are at your disposal to discuss your problems and offer you a personalised solution.

We support you at every stage of your association’s life: we facilitate and secure your transition to CPOM and EPRD, we assist you in drawing up your PPI and offer you solutions for mergers (mergers, unions of associations, partnerships, creation of GCSMS (grouping of social and medico-social cooperation), etc.).

We offer you different levels of diagnostics to manage your business :

Corporate diagnosis

  • Our experts in corporate law establish a precise diagnosis of payroll configuration and compliance with the rules of collective agreements (Collective Agreements 51 and 66).
  • Our specialists in the sector carry out an HR audit within the bodies (planning of working hours, monitoring of absences, pay variables, use of fixed-term contracts, etc.).

Diagnosis of internal controls

We carry out an assessment of your internal control system (purchases, investments, payroll, cash flow, invoicing) and provide you with an informed view of areas for improvement.

Financial diagnosis

We offer to analyse the financial structure of your activities in order to help you in your cash management and investment policy.

Our experts offer tailor-made training courses for your staff (chief accountants, financial directors, facility managers, etc.) so they can acquire new skills or simply to update their knowledge (EPRD, accounting specificities, financial analysis, etc.).

These modules can be delivered at your institution or at our premises by our approved training organisation. Our standard format (industry overview, issues, case studies, questions and answers) can be adapted to your specific needs.

We carry out accounting activities dedicated to medico-social structures :

  • Establishment of administrative accounts
  • Bookkeeping and auditing according to the M22 bis reference standard
  • Elaboration of EPRD and PPI
  • Outsourced management of the accounting department integrating the specificities of the sector
  • Outsourced payroll management (Collective agreements 51 and 66)

Our recognised level of expertise in the sector is an important measure of confidence for funders. For many years, we have been assisting associations of all sizes in the context of certification of accounts.

Our sectoral audit approach takes into account the specificities of the regulatory context (C.A.S.F.) applicable to all medico-social bodies.

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