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The changing economic landscape requires companies to be clearer and more transparent in their financial data reporting. Reliable information is essential both for making the right strategic decisions and gaining the trust of third parties.
As a local partner, we support you in securing your financial information, and in control and risk management.

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In order to meet the challenges of risk management, we provide you with solutions to secure and optimise your financial, governance, and investment activities.

Alexis Ricklin
Auditors & Audit Partner – PKF Arsilon

Our beliefs for success

Our 800 specialists across 25 offices in France have a thorough knowledge of the local economic fabric, the various players, and the specific sectoral characteristics of each area. Our regional presence means that we can provide you with a dedicated contact person to support you with all your issues over the long term.

Our teams are made up of experts with complementary skills (auditors, tax specialists, consolidators, IT experts, etc.) to best understand your challenges, accounting/financial issues, and sectoral specificities, including in your international projects.

Working together, we will achieve the best results. A successful audit is based on the expertise of our teams and the quality of our relationships. A relationship of trust based on transparent exchanges is the guarantee of a long-term partnership. Our aim is to be one of the links in the chain of trust between you and your stakeholders.

When you call on PKF Arsilon, you are putting your trust in a recognised player whose experience guarantees a reliable approach with your financial partners. Our experts use a proven methodology to offer the best approach to the 15,000 customers who already trust us… Why not you too?


PKF Arsilon ensures that your financial data is produced in a reliable and secure manner. Accustomed to working with commercial companies, family groups and non-market entities, our auditors know how to adapt to your structure and your industry to carry out their activities:

  • Issuing an opinion on the annual or consolidated accounts
  • Verifying the accuracy of the information relating to the annual accounts submitted to the partners
  • Participating in relevant bodies (Board of Directors, General Meetings, Audit Committees, etc.)

Our method

Control all your activities

In order to meet the challenges of risk management, we provide you with solutions to secure and optimise your financial, governance, and investment activities.


We establish an overall diagnosis of your situation.


We analyse your industry and environment and define the risks linked to specific regulations.


We support you in allocating the necessary resources to implement the recommended action plan.


We provide you with our recommendations to meet your challenges and comply with regulations.

In addition to legal audits, our teams can help you secure and optimise your activities and processes:
  • Accounting and financial review in the context of an acquisition or a development project
  • Valuations and Mergers Commission
  • Improving the timeframe for closing accounts
  • Accompanying the certification of accounts for the rapid implementation of a legal audit
  • Carrying out a company diagnosis

We help you identify and prioritise risks in order to make the right decisions and build resilience in your business:

  • Organisational audit of certain departments
  • Audit of your information system
  • Development of risk mapping
  • Structuring your internal control system
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