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What is the purpose of defining a CSR strategy? Are you wondering what CSR is, and more importantly: what does it have to do with you?

Our team will help you to better understand this subject and integrate CSR into your business and strategy. By committing to CSR you can develop the commitment of your teams, strengthen ties with your customers, clarify your strategy, gain visibility, increase your competitive advantages and more, while creating value for shareholders and for society more generally.

Implementing a CSR approach is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, provided that it is aligned with your values. Our experience with various companies has proven this.

CSR strategy

A lever for creating value and meaning.

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Each company must be able to define its own CSR roadmap, according to its identity, values, positioning and strategy. Because conviction, governance, and transparency are important in the long term.

Iris Chabrol-Dekkiche
CSR Consulting & Audit Partner – PKF Arsilon

Our supprt

We support you in the construction of your CSR strategy, its operational implementation and monitoring.

  1. Defining your CSR strategy:
    We facilitate the collection of good practices and the collective reflection on your challenges, and formalise the axes of your CSR strategy.
  2. Consult your stakeholders (external and internal):
    We analyse their expectations of your company and adapt your strategy.
  3. Building your CSR action plan:
    We take stock of the actions in place, supplemented by our experience, and help you prioritise and deploy your CSR roadmap.
  4. Managing your CSR indicators:
    We design relevant CSR indicators and make them reliable so you can monitor your performance and communicate your results.

We are at your side to help you affirm your commitments and guarantee your objectives.

  1. Building your purpose:
    We lead collective reflections with management and/or stakeholders to help you bring out the purpose of your company.
  2. Define the objectives of your mission:
    We help you to define your objectives and accompany you in setting up your mission committee and producing its report.
  3. Audit:
    We will give you the benefit of our experience as an independent third party and challenge you in a collaborative environment. This audit will enable you to make your data more reliable and to communicate effectively and with conviction. Our signature will guarantee your results to third parties.

We help you structure your communication and highlight your CSR actions.

  1. Choosing the right indicators:
    We help you choose reliable and relevant indicators to convince and communicate with confidence.
  2. Communicating:
    We help you communicate your CSR commitments and actions in a clear and convincing way, in response to the expectations of your stakeholders. As an experienced CSR/DPEF (French Extra-Financial Performance Statement) auditor, we bring best practices to you.
  3. Writing:
    We write your CSR report and provide you with feedback and sector benchmarks to optimise your report. We update this document regularly to show the dynamics of your actions and results.

Promote your CSR approach to your stakeholders to convince them of your commitment.

  1. Setting up your first DPEF: We help you to understand the issues involved in this document. We facilitate your work in describing your business model and identifying the main risks and opportunities. We coach you in the implementation of your CSR reporting, and in structuring your first report.
  2. Improving and making your DPEF more reliable:
    Our experience allows us to share best practices with you, as well as the evolution of expectations so you can update your DPEF.
  3. Annual audit of your DPEF (independent third party assignment):
    As an independent third party organisation (ITO) accredited by COFRAC1, we audit your DPEF using a holistic approach and present our recommendations to you in detail during a closing meeting. 1 Cofrac Inspection accreditation, n°3_1789, scope available at

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