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Dedicated support for SMEs to optimise and secure your project.

PKF Arsilon assists you in your business valuation, sale, or takeover operations via an offer specially developed to meet the expectations of SMEs.

Our team is at your side to carry out your transaction, from the preparation to the post-acquisition follow-up. Composed of specialists and in collaboration with other experts in the PKF International network, this gives you the keys to succeed in your project with complete peace of mind.

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Retirement, sale, transfer of business, purchase, investment, external growth… benefit from the services of a specialised team and the versatility of our network.

Carole Toniutti
Transfer & Takeover Partner – PKF Arsilon

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Retirement, sale of a subsidiary, transfer of ownership… Anticipation is a key element of success.

PKF Arsilon will carry out a diagnosis of your asset situation and help you to set up the most suitable transfer or sale strategy. We also help you to prepare your company for the transfer from a financial (policy, investment, key indicators…) and organisational point of view.

You benefit from the complementary expertise of PKF Arsilon on all areas of consideration: legal and tax structuring, company organisation, financing methods and debt reduction, preparation of the manager’s exit, and so on.

There are many events requiring a business valuation: buying a structure, selling your business, bringing a new shareholder into the capital, transferring and enhancing your business, restructuring the family group…
Whatever your sector of activity, PKF Arsilon helps you estimate the value of a business.

We carry out the strategic diagnosis of your activity, assist you, if necessary, in the construction of robust financial projections and the methods in place the most appropriate valuation methods.

Selling a business is a key moment for the manager. PKF Arsilon is at your side during this particular moment: through choosing the method of transfer (shares, business) and the most suitable structure, drafting a presentation for potential buyers, constructing forecasts, the valuation of your company, assisting in discussions with potential buyers, etc.

If necessary, we help you identify potential buyers and draw up all the legal documentation required (transfer contract, formalities, etc.).

If you wish to carry out an external growth operation, undertake or invest, PKF Arsilon will assist you in your acquisition project in order to optimise the terms of the takeover and secure your investment.

Our specialists take charge of the accounting and financial, tax, and corporate and legal reviews of the target company and work with you to define a takeover plan (legal terms and conditions, construction of provisional financial data, evaluation of the need for financing, etc.).

We also assist you in drawing up a valuation of the target company, identifying price negotiation levers and, if necessary, financing solutions. Our Arsilon experts are at your disposal to draw up the legal documentation (letter of intent, transfer contract, guarantee of assets and liabilities, etc.).

Whether taking over a business or integrating a new subsidiary into your group, post-acquisition management is often an issue.

PKF Arsilon helps you to identify and implement actions to facilitate integration (synergy, potential savings, etc.) and assists you in the implementation or construction of relevant management tools.

We are also at your side to review and harmonise accounting, corporate or organisational practices, and meet your specific needs.

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